This blog continues the story started in this post, so if you haven’t read it, you might want to so you know what’s happening!

God confirmed many things for me on The World Race – the most important that I should begin (again) to pursue flight.  I knew it was something that I wanted all along and He just made it clear to me that I got distracted.  He cleared it up for me twice… in the same night.  In Thailand.

Thailand was our “manistry” month which means that all the men got together and did manly stuff while all the women went somewhere else and did whatever they do.  About half way through our month, our host, Mark, invited two of his friends over.  During their testimonies they both said something that resonated with me.  In different words (and probably not even realizing that they said close to the same thing), they both said something like:

“Sure!  God has a perfect plan for your life, but He also gave us free will.  With that free will comes the ability to put God’s plan on hold and do our own thing.”

That really hit it home for me.  God had placed this call of becoming a pilot on my heart more than eight years ago.  Why have I strayed so far away from the path he placed me on?  It might have been hard, sure, but what was I thinking?  That night in Thailand was a real eye opener.  It’s actually when I remembered the real reason I had stopped pursuing flight training and changed my major.  I told everyone that I didn’t want to continue in Metro’s flight program because it was too commercially driven, when in reality it’s because I cheated in a really hard class.  Satan got the best of me.  Not because I cheated, but because I cheated and strayed away from my calling.

I did my thing.  I changed my major to Computer Information Systems, switched jobs and ended up becoming part owner of an IT Consulting firm.  While the work was fine, it definitely wasn’t something I enjoyed.  It wasn’t my passion.  It drained me.  The people around me that knew me best told me it was making me a different person – a person that I didn’t want to be.

Then my friend Audrey sent me a really quick email (she might have regretted sending this email just a few short weeks after she sent it).  The subject was “The World Race: Christian Missions” and all the email said was this:

“Seems like something you could be interested in

Done.  I had just come home from a long day at work and I was praying about a business decision that needed to be made that would either extend my commitment with my company or end it.  I applied that night.

The next morning I woke up to an email that said that I had been accepted pending a phone interview.  I had the phone interview and they said they would call me back between 5-7 business days.  Ten business days later, I still hadn’t heard anything.  Long story short, they accepted me (PTL) and I had an amazing 11 months with L Squad and 60-something incredible men and women of God that I can now call friends.

God did something drastic here.  It’s almost what I consider to be my “Jonah moment”.  That moment when Jonah was on the ship in the middle of the storm and he realized the storm was his fault.  The “storm” in my life, albeit not a physical one, was my fault.  I wasn’t listening.  I wasn’t being obedient to my calling.  God opened my eyes to this wonderful opportunity called The World Race where he knew I would be intrigued and want to go.  He knew it would force me to quit my job, sell my 2011 Jeep Wrangler that I never should have bought in the first place, and most importantly, reignite my desire to fulfill my calling.

It’s pretty incredible, eh?  (Sorry aboot that! One of my teammates is Canadian and I picked up bad habits)

God has great plans.  Plans that we can’t even conceive.  Will you trust him and be obedient when He calls?