I was able to meet my flight instructor this past Friday.  His name is Jon.  He’s been instructing for some time now and has all the certifications that I will someday need to fly for MAF.  He is a former marine and has a wife and is expecting a child.  He seems like a great guy that told me that he may see himself doing mission aviation someday in the future!  I feel that he may be a godsend.

He was able to set me up with my online course that tracks my progress and teaches me all the corresponding “book stuff” while I’m learning the practical applications in the airplane.  I have my first lesson on Tuesday and I’m super excited!  It’s going to be great and hopefully I’ll be able to go up in the plane, otherwise, my next lesson is on Thursday and I’ll definitely be able to go up then!

This process is finally starting and I am excited to share the journey and the process with each of you.  Thanks for the constant encouragement and support!  More to come after Tuesday!