Today marks the calendar – I only have one week left in Georgia.  It’s bittersweet.  I’m excited to be moving back to Colorado, my home – the place that I’m absolutely obsessed with.  I’m extremely grateful for the friendships, the learning experiences and the growth that has occurred here.  At the same time, I’m sad to be leaving this great community.

It’s going to be hard to leave friends behind.  I’ve made some great friends here over the past year and a half and it’ll be strange not seeing them every day.  I’m very thankful that many of those friendships will be life-long!

I still have a lot left to accomplish over the next week!

Last weekend I did a mock check ride for my Private Pilots Certificate.  I met with the Chief Flight Instructor at my flight school and did a mock oral exam and a mock flight review.  I’d been studying for two weeks.  I passed!  I completed required night landings on Monday.  Now I’m ready and waiting to go to South Carolina on Saturday and do it for real.  I’ll be meeting with an FAA examiner in SC to pass his exam and finally receive my Private Pilot Certificate!  This is priority one before coming home, because if I don’t, I’ll need to come back to GA and finish it here.

I still need to pack!  I’ve taken a few things home already and sold a few other things, but I still have a lot to do here.  My best friend, Tommy, is flying out here next Tuesday to then drive back to Colorado with me on Thursday morning.  What a friend, eh?  I need to cram everything I have left here in my little Mazda or donate it to someone here!

I’ll still be working for Adventures when I get back to Colorado, but I still need to transition and finalize some work things around here.

Please pray for nice weather over the next few days so that I can be sure to get my check ride in!  I’ll see you all very soon!