Exciting news here – I am starting an accelerated flight training program starting May 11.  I’ll be attending the ATP Airline Career Pilot Program here in Centennial, Colorado.  It’ll take 100 days and when I finish the program, I’ll have every flight certificate that I need to do mission aviation!  It’s pretty great.

In addition to having all the necessary flight certificates, the program also guarantees that I will have a job as a flight instructor through ATP.  This is great news because I’ll finish the program with about 250 flight hours.  However, I need at least 500 hours before applying to fly for MAF (or another similar organization).  The opportunity to instruct will allow me to build hours and make some money at the same time!

The other great opportunity provided by ATP is that of an option to interview for an airline.  This may be a good option in order to gain experience and pay off debt before going to the mission field.

I needed three major items to be qualified to fly for a mission aviation organization:

  • Biblical Studies Certificate – I completed this last year through Colorado Christian University.
  • Flight Training – I have my Private Pilots Certificate, and when I finish this program, I’ll be a commercial pilot, and a flight instructor.
  • Airframe & Powerplant (A&P) – This is the FAA’s certificate for airplane mechanics.  This certificate is needed so that I will be able to repair my own plane on the field.

Come the end of August, the first two items will be checked off this list!  It’s really exciting.  All that will be left will be paying off debt and then starting school for my A&P.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me either prayerfully or financially.  I couldn’t do all of this without you!