My name is Ed Olivett (although you probably already know that if you’re here!).  I am 30 years old and I’m living life in Centennial, Colorado.  I am trying my best to follow Christ and the Bible and live the life that He has and is calling me to live.  Right now that involves doing some contract IT work, learning how to fix airplanes in pursuit of my A&P (airframe and powerplant mechanic’s rating) and working part-time for an organization called Adventures in Missions.  I traveled around the world with Adventures through one of their programs, the World Race, starting in September 2012.

The World Race was a large chapter of my life and was one of the most influential and defining moments of who Christ wants me to be in my life.  God allowed me to see and experience wonderful things around the world.  There are some pictures of my journeys on this site.  You can read more in depth about my experiences by going to my World Race blog.

I recently completed several flight ratings in my pursuit of the call that God has placed on my heart to become a missionary pilot in Africa.  I am working towards being able to fly for a mission aviation organization such as Missionary Aviation Fellowship.

While on the World Race, God imposed fundraising on my heart.  I’ve never had a fear of asking people for money because I started going on mission trips at a very young age.  God has blessed me through the financial generosity of others and I’ve never had a problem meeting fundraising goals for any of the trips that I’ve participated on.  Month 11 of the Race, the last month, God told me to fundraising for the entirety of my flight school.  I told him he was crazy.

It made me uncomfortable.  Not because I had to ask people for money, but because I was asking people to invest in me.  It’s different because the people willing to give me money have to trust that I am going to do what I say I’m going to do.  They can’t see the results of their donation instantly like they could before on trips to Africa.  There are no pictures of under-fed African children that we provided food for with their money – there’s pictures of me flying airplanes.

It’s tough.  God wanted to challenge me and take me outside my fundraising comfort zone.  It’s been good.  I still feel a little uncomfortable asking people to support me.  However, God is using this and amazing me continuously whenever I choose to put my comfort on the line.

If you are willing and able to support me financially, click here, and be sure to subscribe to my blog so you will receive updates regarding my flight training and pursuit of this calling God has placed on my heart.  Thank you!