My Left Engine is Off!

I recently started going to an intensive training program to receive all the necessary flight certification for mission aviation.  I started my 3rd week today after being in California for the past few days.  My cousin, Anna, got married there this weekend to a great guy named Josh.
The family and me with Josh and Anna […]

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100 Days of Flight Training

Exciting news here – I am starting an accelerated flight training program starting May 11.  I’ll be attending the ATP Airline Career Pilot Program here in Centennial, Colorado.  It’ll take 100 days and when I finish the program, I’ll have every flight certificate that I need to do mission aviation!  It’s pretty great.

In addition to having all […]

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I Start Flying This Week!

A lot has happened since the last time that I wrote and y’all are due for an update!  The most exciting news that I will share with you tonight is that I recently completed my Private Pilot ground school, took my written test, and passed!  With that, I’ll start flying later this week!  I can’t […]

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Happy New Year!

It’s been a long time since my last post!  Life has been crazy!  Here are the top five things that happened since I last wrote:

I got a roommate!  His name is Joshua and he’s a pretty awesome guy.  He is also a World Race Alum and is working at Adventures in Missions as the new […]

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