Thoughts on Failure

Most people that know me would tell you that I am a bit of a perfectionist. I only like to do things once, and I like to do those things with excellence. It’s pretty rare that I do something that I’m not good at – and that’s partly because if I know I’m […]

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Cross Country Trips!

There’s a part of the ATP program where you travel to an airport in a different state and begin your “Crew Cross Country” (Crew XC) training with another student.  This is a really neat portion of the program.  The goal is to rack up 35 hours in the airplane with a partner.  I was teamed […]

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My Left Engine is Off!

I recently started going to an intensive training program to receive all the necessary flight certification for mission aviation.  I started my 3rd week today after being in California for the past few days.  My cousin, Anna, got married there this weekend to a great guy named Josh.
The family and me with Josh and Anna […]

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100 Days of Flight Training

Exciting news here – I am starting an accelerated flight training program starting May 11.  I’ll be attending the ATP Airline Career Pilot Program here in Centennial, Colorado.  It’ll take 100 days and when I finish the program, I’ll have every flight certificate that I need to do mission aviation!  It’s pretty great.

In addition to having all […]

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I’m a Private Pilot!

What’s that mean you may ask?  It means that I can fly single engine airplanes privately (not for pay).  This is a big step in the still-long flight training process.  Here’s how my training and check ride went.

Lake Lanier – Gainesville, Georgia
As many of you already know, I started my training on Oct 7, 2014 […]

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One Week Left

Today marks the calendar – I only have one week left in Georgia.  It’s bittersweet.  I’m excited to be moving back to Colorado, my home – the place that I’m absolutely obsessed with.  I’m extremely grateful for the friendships, the learning experiences and the growth that has occurred here.  At the same time, I’m sad […]

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Happy 2015!

Wow!  It’s already 2015!  As I almost always say, “it’s been a while since I’ve last written a post”.  Here’s to the first post of 2015.

A lot has happened since my last post.  I changed positions at Adventures in Missions, conducted my first “solo” flight, and decided to move home.

First things first – I accepted […]

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Tuesday is the Day!

I was able to meet my flight instructor this past Friday.  His name is Jon.  He’s been instructing for some time now and has all the certifications that I will someday need to fly for MAF.  He is a former marine and has a wife and is expecting a child.  He seems like a great […]

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I Start Flying This Week!

A lot has happened since the last time that I wrote and y’all are due for an update!  The most exciting news that I will share with you tonight is that I recently completed my Private Pilot ground school, took my written test, and passed!  With that, I’ll start flying later this week!  I can’t […]

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The View from 10,000 Feet! (Part 3 of 3)

This is a continuation of my mini-series called “The View from 10,000 Feet!”.  You can read Part 1 here and Part 2 here.

So God reignited the desire to fly in my heart on The World Race.  What does that actually mean?

It means that learning how to fly has become priority number one in my life. […]

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